Writing about unique hotels is as much art as creating them.

We confess true values which represent an individual approach and a heart smile of a hotel owner.

You have not dreamt about that yet and we have already foreseen your wish.

Travel Guide by IQ luxury consists of two parts (Inspiration for Her,Inspiration for Him), but this separation is formal. Nowadays the world is based on a new format of relations, business and technologies which mean that a man and a woman are equitable actors, and boundaries between the two sexes are not as obvious as they were just a hundred years ago. The idea of separation is based on the hypothesis that a person has masculine and feminine. A woman (Her), of course, has actively developed feminine, she is closer to Inspiration for Her, but her masculinity can be satisfied only with help of Inspiration for Him. Also a man (Him) wanting to take a break from liability burden and routine obligations can relax withInspiration for Her and then return to his more habitual reality with Inspiration for Him. The world needs a new philosophy providing freedom to be different and not to be afraid of being oneself.


Author TRAVEL GUIDE by IQ luxury and owner IQ luxury
Anna Sukharevskaya